We never really got away with any pranks we tried to play with the guys. We were so sure that we'd get them good when we stripped down Shane's saddle, but that didn't work at all. Far from it.... they got us! It was obvious that we had to take revenge. But what could we do?

It was Jessi who had a brilliant idea. Oh, yes, that would definitely work. While the guys were out on a trailride we got into their room and took a beer out of the fridge. Jessi's idea was to drain out the beer without opening the can. So she drilled a hole into the bottom of the beer can and waited until the beer was gone. We already laughed our heads off thinking about the reaction of the guys. Then we went back to the A-Frame, where Brandon, Shane and Jeff dwelled. First we thought to unplug the fridge but then we decided just to put back the empty can.

Later that day Jessi, Missy and I were hanging around in the wrangler's quarter when suddenly all the guys came running down the pasture. They found our work and were kind of puffed up. "You don't mess with the beer" they told us but we just couldn't stop laughing. Brandon told the story what happened when they found it. It was actually Jeff who took the empty can out of the fridge. Something was different than usual. The can was closed but a lot lighter than a normal beer can. Brandon told him to turn it around and then they saw the hole in the bottom with a message written on the material: Tee-Hee, got ya!

Oh, that was just great. It was the first time we really got them good and we had a ball being the shoo-ins :-)

Happy Trails