The very first thing about Jessica that I remember is "It's my Life" by Bon Jovi. During the summer that song so much became our song, as if it was written for us. Meeting Jessi was my most interesting experience this summer. She came all the way from Verona, Virginia in order to do the same thing as me: To fulfill her dream to go out west and work at a ranch. She had already been at Ranger Creek when I came and she, as well as the rest of the gang, welcomed me with open arms.

We clicked right from the first day, it was really amazing how fast we've become so close. We both were working as wranglers and we both loved riding. We became a good team and did pretty much of our work together. We always had a lot of fun. And we made a lot of memories during this summer, like the "Jessi Tree", "La Tanya", bathroom parties, singing at the campfires and a lot more. The guys always made fun of her 'big hair' but I just thought she looked great. Jessi has got the most beautiful smile the world has ever seen and she's that type of person you just have to love. We used to race our two favorite horses against each other and I bet, Bubba and C.O.D. enjoyed it as much as we did.

We became such close friends in a really short period of time and it was terrible to say good-bye when Jessica's time to go home had come. We cried and held each other forever and I just didn't want to let her go though I knew that she had to leave. I believe Jessi had a great summer. She was able to live her dream and she found a new love, a love that is as cute as herself - Brandon, take good care of her!

Jessi, I will never forget you. You're such a great girl. Stay as you are, don't ever change, keep singing "It's my Life" and remember the WYOMING COWGIRLS. We will see each other again.

I love ya and I miss ya!