What to say about Brandon? I do not like this guy at all! He had always been mean to me. Why do I have a 'Brandon Section' anyway?


Brandon is quite the kid. I really learned how to defend myself this summer, thank you Brandon. His aunt Patty said that he was just a big teddy bear and she's perfectly right. It's almost impossible not to like him. Of course, he picked on me all summer long but I never gave up, even if I lost, lost and lost again.

Brandon became a brother to me who I've never had in my life. He taught me a lot of things about horses which was really good for me. We had some good and serious conversations but he never lost his sense of humor. I tried a lot of things that should have made me superior but it never really worked out but I didn't mind at all :-).

I was happy to have him around me (especially after I heard the big cat one day), because we found out that we were really smart when we put our brains together. But most of the time he did the thinking for me anyway.

One time we got him good though and that was at Runaway Point. I will always remember Brandon as someone who has become a friend, even if he pinched me, spurred me, threw me into the dirt etc... :-) Well, anyway, he made me laugh, no matter if it was him, his love for his truck or just what he said or did. This summer was also very good for him, he met Jessi and those two just belong to each other.

Brandon, just stay the way you are, you're a great guy but there's only one thing you should try to get under control: These sounds.....

Take care! Love and miss ya