Jeff was quite the cook. How come, the first thing I remember about him always is "the Rodeo" and his problems with certain horses. He once had a runaway horse (Duke) and he fell off several times during rodeos or bareback riding. He fell off Duke twice (one time he was showing off - ha!) and fell off Jupiter once. And guess what! Everyone saw it.

But that does not quite reveal Jeff's personality. He came up to Ranger Creek with his friend and roommate Shane. He's a character! And he made me laugh a couple of times during this summer. It was so funny, you just had to see him and you couldn't help laughing. I guess he never really knew why we were laughing at him which was kind of cute. But he also knew how it was meant. He always knew how to entertain all of us, especially with his very special way of line-dancing and his facial expressions on the various pictures. Yeah, that was one of those things: He loved to take pictures of himself, preferably with my camera. It was too funny, Jeff is such a character and he made my summer as well as all the others. I will definitely miss him him, miss stealing cookies he just made, miss picking on him, miss his great photographer skills and I will definitely miss his dancing abilities.

He liked Jupiter who was one of my favorite horses as well and I guess he always had a good time riding with us. And I have to say: He is a great cook.

Hey, Jeff, thanks for being part of this great experience at Ranger Creek. It was too bad that you slept through all your German classes in highschool but I was able to understand you anyway.

Take care! Miss ya!