I once found out that "the thing" you do most in your life is waiting. And that's how that day began. Missy, Jessi, Brandon an I decided to go to Cody that night, to a club called "Cassie's". Bill was not at the ranch that day and we had to wait till he came back because we didn't have a car. Well, yes, we waited... and waited...and waited. I really cannot remember when we finally left for Cody but somehow we managed to get the Suburban and go.

On the way to Cody we had a lot of fun, were laughing and telling stories. That was when Jessica had an idea: Since we were on our way to Cassie's and since there usually were a lot of guys hanging round, Jessi invented the following story: We were three models out of L.A. (originally from Virginia, Ohio and Germany of course) doing a photoshooting at Brandon's ranch. Brandon did not really know what to think about that but we were already having a good time.

After being in the club for a while, Jessi started to tell everyone about our Model Job and soon enough we were surrounded by a lot of cowboys...Missy and I couldn't say anything without grinning or even laughing but Jessica was 'deadly serious'. Brandon again wasn't quite sure what to think of us. Well, but it was so funny because everyone seemed to believe it and asked questions about our job and about me being from Germany. Well, it was a nice evening with a lot of fun. We laughed and danced until we went home late at night. But I won't ever forget Jessi's "Being a model from L.A." - story.

Happy Trails