After we were shuffling rocks around for a while, (we put them all into Shane's saddle bags and found them in our beds later on) Jessi and I had the most brilliant idea. Since our Wrangler's Quarter was right next to the tack room, we had access to all the equipment. We decided to get Shane's saddle and do something with it. So, we took the flashlight, sneaked into the tack room and carried the saddle to the Wrangler's Quarter.

After being back in our room, we locked the door and started to untie every single piece of Shane's saddle. We were sitting on our beds and on the floor and laughed so hard while were untying all the loose leather pieces. We collected them and put them into Shane's saddlebags. What we did not know; outside of our room there were sitting Brandon and Shane, who had seen the flashlight and had come down to our room. Now, because our window was open, they could hear every single word we were saying. I bet Shane was pissed because he couldn't stop us from 'destroying' his saddle but he waited patiently until we were finished. Jessi had the idea to put the saddlebags back onto the right rack in the tack room but keep the saddle itself in our room. We were so selfsecure, oh yes, we would get them so good the next morning. Getting the flashlight again, we walked out of the room, crossed the porch and entered the tack room. So far so good!

As it was already pretty late and we had got ready to go to bed before we thought of this prank, we only wore our nightshirts. While I was carrying the saddlebags, Jessi showed me the way with the flashlight. When I reached the rack, that was right next to the tack room window, we suddenly heard a noise ....knock...knock... And there appeared Brandon's and Shane's most scary faces in the window. I didn't even see them because I was so much concentrated on putting the saddlebags back. But Jessica suddenly started to scream and swirled around the flashlight, that from now on was called Lightsaber. We turned and started running. And I mean we were running for our lives, I really thought they would catch me. I'd die, I'd certainly die and then I almost missed the turn when I came out of the tack room. But somehow we managed to get back into our room and lock the door. We broke down laughing. They got us again. Strangely enough we'd never get away with anything!

It was not quite over. After a few minutes, when we were sure that Brandon and Shane went back to their A-Frame, we really had to get something to drink. Well, while we were away to go to the Logde, the guys locked our door from the outside, so that we couldn't get in again. NO!!!! Did that mean that we had to sleep in the chaos of the A-Frame? Never! After a couple of discussions we got back our key and finally were able to go to bed. We still couldn't stop laughing but when we finally calmed down and cut the light off, we certainly heard a kind of beeping sound. I knew that sound. It was Brandon's watch. He was somewhere and up we were again but then we realized that Jess still had his watch. Excitement again, laughing again. I just remember that I was kind of tired the next morning...

Happy Trails