Bill and Sue wanted to do to an auction in order to sell Ginger and Gizmo. So, Brandon and I were all alone at the ranch, taking care of our guests. Late at night, Bill and Sue came back. I was kind of sleeping when I heard the trailer coming down to the corral. I was wondering why they did that because usually the trailer was up in the parking lot. As always I fell asleep again and wasn't able to think about it anymore.

Next morning, I woke up and got curious. I really wanted to know what happened, so I went into he corral. Nothing. I took a look around and saw the roundpen. And there he was: The cutest little horse I've ever seen. He was so small, only a few months old.

Sue later told me that his name would be Ranger's Whisper and from this moment on, the little guy was the main attraction. We had so much fun. Ranger is a bay stallion and he's growing so fast. From that day on, Oakley was not the pet of the family anymore but Ranger. Of course I wanted to take him home with me but there was still C.O.D., my buddy but he soon would leave the ranch and so Ranger did a good job distracting me. When I saw Ranger the first time I knew that I wanted to own my own little horse some day that I could train.