The week actually didn't start off so well. Jessi's departure came closer and closer and somehow we all were in a bad mood but on Saturday a group of new guests arrived. Steve and Mike from Ohio, Bob from Florida and Susi and Stefanie from Germany. Mike, Bob and Steve had their own horses at home and came up to the ranch for riding in the mountains. Susi and Stef were twins who decided to visit a ranch together.

They were a fun group. On Sunday everyone of them got a horse. Steve got Baldy, Mike Chico, Bob Jokey, Susi Ricky and Stef got Apple. Baldy was doing better, he had some days to recover from his sore back after he had ripped down a tree. Our first rides were fun and we had such a good time together but the day came when Jessi had to say good-bye and we were pretty much crying all the time. Our guests went to Sheridan that day and I spend most of the time painting the cabins. But Steve and Co. did a superb job distracting us. One day we went on an all day ride. We started off with sunshine, and came back with rain but we had so much fun. There I got my nickname "I don't know" or "I have no idea". The reason was that I was leading the ride from time to time but I had never been there before and when they asked where we were or what this and that is, I just had one answer: I have no idea. They were hilarious. One day they went to Cody. Before they left, Steve asked if I needed something from town and I said: Yes, a new pair of boots. Well, it was joking around of course but when they came back they had bought a pair of boots: Miniature boots. Soooo cute and I still have them today (on the interior mirror of my car).

One Friday we had our ranch rodeo and that was the first time I took part in it. I rode Duke, cause C.O.D. had a saddle sore and we did well in the barrel and flag race but I was not very good in the egg race when we had to carry rocks on a spoon, going around the barrels by horse. I lost my rock when we started to trot.

It was sad to see them leave after that interesting week and I surely will never forget how much fun we had. Hey Steve, Bob, Mike, Susi and Stef: You are so nice people, hope to see you again some day. I often think back about the fun time we had!

Happy Trails