How to ride bareback?

Very funny! I had never done that before, at least not really. But sometimes, we all went on a bareback-trip with our favorite horses, after all the work was done. Of course I wanted to ride C.O.D. Who else? But I didn't think to much about the ride itself. Of course we jogged from time to time and even if I knew that C.O.D. had a terrible trot, I found out again :-) It's more intensive without a saddle...

I was sure not to lope. Somehow I managed to stay on my horse but what would happen if I loped? I was curious but still not sure if I should try to do it. It was Brandon who started to lope, so I had to try it as well. I was to proud to let him do that all alone. The worst thing that could happen was falling down. Well, well. After a while I found out that loping was much easier than jogging, at least with C.O.D.

Another time another place: One day we went on a short trailride without our equipment. We had a lot of fun especially because Brandon fell off Baldy. It was such a picture... But anyway, it was always great to ride bareback.

Happy Trails