Did you ever have to say good-bye to a horse you really liked? The day came when we had to bring back the the first group of the leased horses who belonged to a company called WYO Horses. That day we had a rendezvous with with them at highway 14 since the trailer was to big for coming up to the ranch. Now we had the problem that our trailer didn't work, so we had to pony the horses all the way down to the highway. I had never done that before and was kind of excited.

Bill ponied the rather difficult horses (Superior, Mustard and Bud) while he was riding Bubba, whereas I took the 'nice' ones :-), Norway, Jeromiah and Valentine, riding Jupiter. After 75 Meters, we already lost Superior. Well this would be an adventure I thought. Overall, the ride was okay, sometimes we lost horses, one time even our very special friend mustard but they decided not to run away: Our luck. I once lost Norway when we had to pass through a cowboygate. Its size was not really big enough for four horses :-)


Sue drove the truck even if she wasn't used to the stick shift but she did a good job. She opened and closed all the gates for us and stayed behind us most of the time. Then we finally got to our meeting point. The trailer was already waiting for us and that was the time when I started to have a real bad feeling. It was on us to say good-bye now but especially Sue and me didn't really want to do that. We watched them when they loaded up the horses and when I saw Jupiter and Bubba I just started to cry.

You should have seen their faces. It was unbelievable how sad they looked. When we drove back to the ranch Sue and I couldn't stop crying while Bill didn't really know what to do. It was a strange situation and it was not the same without the WYO Horses.

Happy Trails